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—  Microblading  —

Microblading is a tattooing technique that is used to add semi-permanent pigmented eyebrow to the skin. 

Microblading, What to expect: 

(Semi-Permanent Services) 

Day 1
You may experience redness; Depending on the pigment used you may also see an orange cast where the pigment is placed. This is due to oxidization and should disappear in a few hours. 

Day 2
The pigment in the brow area may appear visibly darker than the initial color of the first day. This is a results of the natural oxidation process that takes place in the skin once pigment has been implanted. The pigment is reacting slowly with oxygen in the air, turning it darker. 

Day 3
The skin in the brow area should form a crust-like appearance. You should continue to place a moderate amount of ointment on your brows. Avoid over applying the healing ointment.

Day 4-8
The skin in the brow area will continue to crust. During this time, you should experience shedding of the previously formed crust. Please do not pick at the scabbing skin, instead allow it to naturally shed. IMPORTANT: If you peel the crust prematurely, you take the risk of losing the pigment behind it or minor scarring. 

Day 9+
The crust should have completely shed and the pigment behind will look very faint. DO NOT PANIC!! The color will return gradually in the weeks to come. The average client will see a return by week two. However, the average healing time is four weeks. 

Day 30
Your brows should appear 30% lighter, and with a soft powdery finish. Please be advised that these are semi-permanent brows and will gradually fade. Your lifestyle and skin type determines the longevity of the brows. Avoid direct sun exposure, place sunscreen daily and enjoy your new brows!